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LG M4330 Specs

LG M4330 phone. Announced 2005, 2Q. Features TFT display, VGA camera.. Here the LG M4330 Specifications - Phone Accessories - Cases.

LG M4330 Specifications

  • LG M4330 General Specs

    2G Network GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • SIM Mini-SIM
  • Announced 2005, 2Q
  • Status Cancelled
  • LG M4330 Body Specs

  • Weight 110 g (3.88 oz)
  • LG M4330 Display Specs

    Type TFT, 256K colors
  • Size 176 x 220 pixels
  • Second external OLED display, 65K colors, (96 x 96 pixels)
    - Downloadable wallpapers
  • LG M4330 Sound Specs

    Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic ringtones
  • Loudspeaker No
  • 3.5mm jack No
  • LG M4330 Memory Specs

    Card slot No
  • Phonebook Yes
  • Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
  • LG M4330 Data Specs

    GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
  • EDGE Class 6, 177.6 kbps
  • WLAN No
  • Bluetooth No
  • Infrared port Yes
  • USB  
  • LG M4330 Camera Specs

    Primary VGA, 640x480 pixels, LED flash
  • Video Yes
  • Secondary No
  • LG M4330 Features Specs

    Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS
  • Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
  • Radio No
  • Games Yes
  • GPS No
  • Java Yes
  • Colors  
  • Breathanalyzer sensor: sobriety test
    - MP3, AAC player
    - Remote control
  • LG M4330 Battery Specs

    Standard battery, Li-Ion
  • Stand-by
  • Talk time

List of LG M4330 Accessories & Prices

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  • Dual Extended Arm Tilt/Swivel WALL MOUNT Bracket for LED LCD Plasma HDTV TV 32-63 inch screen - VESA up to 600x400

    Extends from 135 to 630mm (24.8") from the wall / Folds back to only 130mm (5") from the wall.
    Swivels left and right at wall, elbow and faceplate / Supports up to 165 lbs / 75 kgs. / Up to VESA 600x400.
    Compatible with: LG 32LB4D 32LB9D 32LC4D 32LC7D 32LD400 32LD450 32LD520 32LD550 32LE5300 32LE5400 32LF11 32LG30 32LG40 32LG60 32LG70 32LH1DC 32LH20 32LH30 32LH40 32LK330 32LK450 32LV2500 L3200A L3200AK RU-32LZ30C RU-32LZ50C 37LB1DA 37LB4D 37LB5D 37LC2D 37LC5DC 37LC7D 37LD450 37LE5300 37LG30 37LG50 37LG60 37LH20 37LH30 37LH40 37LH55 37LK450 37LV3500 DU-37LZ30 L3700AK L3700TK M3700C-BA M3701C M3701C-BH 42LB1DR 42LB1DRA 42LB4D 42LB5D 42LB9D 42LBX - Opus 42LC2D 42LC4D 42LC5DC 42LC7D 42LD400 42LD450 42LD520 42LD550 42LE5300 42LE5400 42LE5500 42LE7300 42LF11 42LG30 42LG50 42LG60 42LG70 42LH20 42LH30 42LH40 42LH50 42LH55 42LH90 42LK450 42LK520 42LK550 42LP1D 42LP1DC 42LV3500 42LV3700 42LV5400 42LV5500 42LW5300 42PB4D 42PB4DA 42PC1DA 42PC3D 42PC3DC 42PC3DV 42PC5D 42PC5DC 42PJ350 42PM1M 42PM3MV 42PM4M 42PQ30 42PT350 42PW350 42PX3DBV 42PX3DCV 42PX3DLV 42PX4D 42PX5D 42SL80 42SL90 DU-42LZ30 DU-42PX12X DU-42PX12XC DU-42PX12XD DU-42PY10 DU-42PZ60 M4210C-BA M4210N-B21 MU-42PM11 MU-42PM12X MU-42PZ15B MU-42PZ41V MU-42PZ44V MU-42PZ90C MU-42PZ90H MU-42PZ90V MU-42PZ90XC MU-42PZ94V RU-42PX10C RU-42PX11 RU-42PZ61 RU-42PZ71 RU-42PZ90 RU-42PZ90V 46LD550 47LB4DF 47LB5D 47LBX 47LD450 47LD500 47LD520 47LD650 47LE5350 47LE5400 47LE5500 47LE7300 47LE7500 47LE8500 47LX9500 47LF11 47LG50 47LG60 47LG70 47LG90 47LH30 47LH40 47LH50 47LH55 47LH85 47LH90 47LK520 47LK550 47LV3700 47LV5400 47LV5500 47LW5300 47LW5600 47LW5700 47LW6500 47LY3D 47SL80 47SL90 50PB4D 50PB4DA 50PC1DR 50PC1DRA 50PC3D 50PC3D-H 50PC5D 50PJ350 50PK250 50PK540 50PK550 50PK750 50PK950 50PM1M 50PQ20 50PQ30 50PS60 50PS80 50PT350 50PV450 50PV490 50PW350 50PX1D 50PX2DC 50PX4DR-H 50PX5D 50PY2DR 50PY3D 50PZ550 50PZ750 50PZ950 DU-50PX10C DU-50PY10 DU-50PZ60 MU-50PM10 MU-50PZ41 MU-50PZ41B MU-50PZ41V MU-50PZ90C MU-50PZ90V 52LB5D 52LD550 52LY3D 55LD520 55LD650 55LE5400 55LE5500 55LE7300 55LE7500 55LE8500 55LK520 55LV3700 55LV5400 55LV5500 55LW5300 55LW5600 55LW5700 55LX6500 55LX9500 55LH40 55LH50 55LH55 55LH85 55LH90 55LHX 55SL80 57LY3D ~ , Brand: Abacus24-7, Model: Wall Mount.
  • Mueller Calf/Shin Splint, Regular, 1-Count Package

    Price: $14.99
    Provides firm, comfortable compression to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with shin splints.
    The soft neoprene blend retains body heat, stimulating circulation while controlling excess fluid in the calf area.
    Adjustable straps help provide controlled compression and custom fit ~ , Brand: Mueller, Color: Black, Model: 330Reg.
  • VideoSecu Tilt Wall Mount Bracket for Pioneer PDP4300 PDP-4300 PDP4304 PDP-4304 PDP4310HD PDP-4310HD PDP4312 PDP-4312 PDP4330HD PDP-4330HD PDP433CMX PDP-433CMX PDP433PU PDP-433PU PDP4341HD - 43" Flat Screen Plasma HDTV TV with Free 7 FT HDMI Cable and 6" 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble Level M43

    Universal fits 32" to 63" LCD and Plasma TV's.
    Tilt forward up to 15 degrees.
    Weight capacity up to 165 lbs ~ , Brand: VideoSecu.
  • American Red Leather Case for Motorola Flip phone Cellphone LG Flip phone

    Price: $39.99
    BOA IS COMPATIBLE WITH Regular Size Flip Phones with similar size of (1.7x8.9x2.8 cm). Following are list of COMPATIBLE phone model:.
    Motrola V190,V323/V325,A910,A728,E895,PEBL U6, V1050,V560,V557,V360,V235,V230,V186,V176,V635, A668,V980,V535,V547,V975,V620,V555,A840,V226,V188,V872,,V171/V170,A668,E815,V65p,A630,MPx100,,V60v,V220,A840,V180,V710,V690,V878,T725e,V810, ,V400,E310,V300,V600,E380,V60t,MPx200,V500 /V525/ V551,T730 / T731c,388C,V60P / V60s,T720 / T721,V260/V262,V80,MPx220.
    LG P7200,M4410,M4330,M4300,F2410,L342i,C3400, C3320,C3310,C3300,U8380,U8360,U8330,U8210,U8200,U8180,F2400,F1200,F7250,A7150,L5100,C2200,C2100,G1800,F2300,F2100,G3100,C1400,C1200,C1100,G1600,C2000,C1500,PM-225,VX3300,VX-8100,VX-5200,VI-125,A7110,MM-535,6190,PM-325,L1400,G4020,L1150 / L1100,VX4700,C1300/G4015,VX3200,VX6100,L1200,VX8000, VX7000,G4050,G4010 / G4011,VI5225 / 5400A,VX4600,LX-5550/VX5550,VX4500,VX3100,VX6000,5450,LX1200,VX4400,VX10,1010,VX1,TP5200,LX5350, TM510,TP1100 ~ , Brand: BestPriceCenter, Color: Red.
  • Brand new AVF Mounts Tilt Swivel and Extend Adjustable Multi-Position TV Wallmount for LCD LED Plasma TV HDTV (VESA up to 800x400, 30 - 63 inch Screen)

    Price: $199.99
    Compatible with: AOC Envision L37W698 L37W861 L47H861 A42W64 A42HD84 A42W64AT4 L42W661 L42W761 L42H961 L42H861, LG 42LH90 42LD520 42LD550 RU-42PX11 RU-42PZ61 RU-42PZ90 42PX5D MU-42PM11 MU-42PM12X MU-42PZ15B 42PM1M 42LD450 42LB9D 42LBX - Opus 42LC2D 42LC4D RU-42PZ71 42PX4D MU-42PZ90XC MU-42PZ94V 42LF11 42LH20 42PB4DA 42LB5D DU-42PX12X DU-42PX12XC DU-42PX12XD DU-42PY10 42PC3DV MU-42PZ90V 42LH30 42LH50 42LG50 42LG70 42PQ30 42PM4M M4210N-B21 42SL80 42LE5400 42LE7300 42SL90 MU-42PZ90H 42PC3D 42PC5DC 42PM3MV 42PX3DBV 42PB4D DU-42LZ30 42LG60 42LB1DR 42LB4D 42LC7D MU-42PZ44V 42PC1DA MU-42PZ90C RU-42PX10C RU-42PZ90V 42LH40 42PX3DLV 42LG30 42PX3DCV DU-42PZ60 M4210C-BA MU-42PZ41V 42LP1DC 42PJ350 60PZ750 60PZ950 60PZ550 60PX950 42LH55 60PV450 60PV490 60PZ850 37LC5DC DU-37LZ30 42LE5500 37LC2D 37LC7D 37LD450 37LB4D 37LB5D 60PK250 37LG50 37LH30 37LH55 37LG60 37LH40 M3701C-BH 37LH20 L3700AK L3700TK M3700C-BA M3701C 37LE5300 50PC1DR 50PC3D 50PX2DC 50PX5D MU-50PZ41B 37LB1DA 50PK250 50PT350 50PV450 50PW350 50PK540 37LG30 50PY3D DU-50PX10C DU-50PY10 DU-50PZ60 MU-50PZ90V 50PQ30 50PV490 50PK550 50PK750 50PJ350 50PC3D-H 50PK950 50PM1M 50PX1D MU-50PZ41V MU-50PZ90C 50PY2DR 50PQ20 MU-50PZ41 50PS60 50PZ550 50PB4DA 50PS80 50PC5D 50PZ750 50PB4D 50PC1DRA 50PX4DR-H 65LW6500 MU-50PM10 52LB5D 52LY3D 47LB5D 47LD450 47LE7300 50PZ950 47LE5350 52LD550 47LV3700 47LD500 47LE8500 47LH50 47LH85 47LG70 47SL90 47LD520 47LK550 47LK520 47LG50 47LG60 47LE7500 47LH55 47LB4DF 47LX9500 47LF11 47LH30 47LV5500 47LW5700 47LD650 47LE5400 47LW6500 47LW5600 55LD650 55LV5500 47LH90 47LV5400 47LW5300 47SL80 55LHX 55LE8500 47LG90 47LBX 47LY3D 47LE5500 55LW5700 55LV5400 55LX6500 55LD520 55LE5400 55LK520 55LH40 55LH90 55LX9500 55LV3700 55LW5300 55LW5600 42LP1D 42PC3DC 42PC5D 55LE5500 55LE7300 55LE7500 46LD550 42LB1DRA 42LC5DC, Sharp LC-46D43U LC-46D64U LC-46D85U LC-46D92U LC-C4677U LC-C46700UN PZ-43HV2U LC-46BD80U LC-46E77U LC-46HT4U PN-465UP LC-46LE830U LC-46D62U LC-46LE832U LC-46LE835U LC-70LE732U LC-37D40U LC-37D43U.
    Compatible with: Vizio VF551XVT XVT3D554SV E551VL E550VA E552VL M550SV M3D550SR VOJ370F E550VL VF552XVT VF550XVT M550NV E551VA VO370M XVT553SV VU37L E371VA M370VT VA370M VO37LF SV370XVT E370VA E370VL E370VP E370VT SV422XVT XVT373SV E371VL M370NV VW37L VX37L XVT423SV VL370M L42 P42HD VP422 VO420E VX42L E421VL M420SR M3D421SR E420VA XVT3D424SV M420VT M420NV P42HDe VP42 VU42LF VS42LF GV42L VP423 VW42LF VL420M E421VO E422VL VO42LF E421VA M421VT E420VT E422VA E420VO GV42LF P42ED SV420M SV421XVT VT420M SV420XVT XVT3D650SV M421NV M3D420SR M420SV E3D420VX E420VL E3D470VX GV46LF VW46LF GV46L P4 M3D460SR VW47LF SV471XVT SV470XVT VT470M SV472XVT M470NV M470VT E470VL M470SV GV47LF VO47LF VW47L GV52LF XVT3D474SV XVT473SV E472VL SV470M VL470M P50HDTV P50HDM VP50 VP504FHDTV10A XVT472SV E470VA VO400E JV50P "Jive", Sanyo DP42848 DP50747 DP50719 DP50749 DP52440 DP46849 DP46848 DP37819 DP37649 DP42849 DP52449 DP52848, Hitachi CMP4211U 42EDT41 CMP4120HDU P42T501 42HDM70 CMP420V1 CMP420V2 CMP4211 L42V651 42HDT51 42HDF52 42HDT55 42HDT70 CMP402HDU 42HDX60 42HDX99 L42S601 CMP4203U CMP4212 CMP4221 P50T501 50HDA39 42HDT52 P42H401 42HDS69 42HDT50 P50S601 L47V651 CMP4201U 50HDX60 P50H401 CMP5000WXU 37HDL52 CMP307XU 50HDT50 50HDT55 P50V701 P50X901 42HDX62 CMP4121HDU CMP4202U CMP4212U L47S601 37HLX99 42HDS52 42HDT20, Haier HL40XSLW2 HL42B HL42E HL42BG HP42BB HL42XD1 HL42XK1 HL46XSL2 HL47E HL52E HL40BG HL37B HL37BG HL37E HL37S HP50B HL40B, Audiovox FPE3706 FPE3707HR FPE4216P FPE4217P FPE4207HR FPE4707HR FPE5016P FPE3705, Akai LCT42Z7TA PDP4225M PDP4273M1 PDP4206EM PDP4216M PDP4273M LCT40Z5TA LCT40Z7TA LCT42Z6TA PDP4298ED PDP42Z5TA LCT47Z7TA LCT42Z5TA LCT42Z6TM PDP42Z5TAC PDP5073TMC PDP5074HNC PDP50Z6TA PDP4290 PDP4294 PDP4295ED LCT3701AD LCT3785TA LCT37Z6TA LCT37Z7TA PDP5016H PDP5073TM, Olevia LT37HVE LT37HVi LT37HVS 342i LT42HVI 242T 242V 247T 237V 337H LT37HV (S) 237T 747i 252TFHD 742i 542i, JVC LT-37X898 LT-37X776 LT-37X688 LT-37X987 PD-50X995 GD-V501U GD-V502U LT-37X787 GM-H40L1GU GM-H40L2GU.
    Compatible with: JVC LT-37X887 LT-37E478 LT-37E488 LT-37R70 GM-V42UG PD-42V475 LT-40X667 LT-40X887 LT-40S70 LT-40X776 LT-42X898 PD-42X795 LT-40FH96 LT-40FN97 LT-42P300 GD-V422U LT-42E488 VM-42WX84 PD-42WV74 LT-42J300 LT-42X688 LT-42X788 PD-42X50BJ LT-42SL89 PD-42X995 VM-42WV74 LT-42PM30 LT-42WX70 PD-42WX84 LT-47X788 GD-V4200PZW GD-V4210PCE GD-V4210PZW GD-V4211PZW LT-47X898 LT-47XC58 GM-P420UG LT-42E478 PD-42V31 PD-42V485 LT-46FN97 LT-46J300 LT-46P300 PD-50X795 LT-47P789 LT-47X899, Panasonic TC-L37C22 TH-37PD25U/P TH-37PW5 TH-37PR10U TH-37PX50U TH-37PX600 TH-37PX60U TH-37PWD6U TC-L37G1 TC-L37S1 PT-37P1 PT-37PD4P TH-37PHD8UK TH-37PA20HD TH-37PR9U TC-L37X1 TH-37PH9UK TH-37PWD5 TH-37PWD5UZ TH-37PH10UK TH-37PWD6UX TH-37PWD6UY TH-37PX25U/P TC-L37D2 TC-L37X2 TC-P65VT30 TH-37PA30/PE30 TH-37PG9U TH-37PWD4UZ TH-37PWD5UY TH-50PWD8UK TH-50PX60U TC-50PX34 TC-P50U2 TC-P65ST30 TC-P65GT30 TH-50PHD7UY TH-50PM50U TC-P50C2 TH-50PZ750U TH-50PZ700U TH-50PH10UK TC-P50S30 TC-P50X3 TC-P50S2 TC-P50G15 PT-50PD4-P PT-50PHD4-P TH-50PC77U TH-50PF10UK TH-50PX50U/P TH-50PHD3U TH-50PZ77U TH-50XVS30 TH-50XVS30U/P TC-P50G25 TC-P50G10 TC-P50GT30 TC-P50S1 TC-P50U1 TH-50PHD8UK TH-50PX25U/P TH-50PX77 TH-50PX6U TH-50PHD5U TH-50PX80U TH-50PZ80U TH-50PZ85U TC-50PS14 TC-P50V10 TH-50PHD5UY TH-50PHD6 TH-50PX700 TH-50PX75 TH-50PX600U PT-50PD2-P PT-50PD3-P TH-50PH9UK TH-50PX75U TC-P50C1 TC-50PX14 TC-60PS34 TH-50PE700U TC-P50ST30 TH-50PHD6UY TH-50PX20U/P TC-P46G10 TC-P46S1 TH-50PF9UK TH-50PH10UKA TH-50PX77U TC-P50X1 TC-P46X3 TH-46PZ850U TC-P60GT30 TC-P60S30 TC-P60ST30 TH-46PZ85U TC-P55GT30 TC-P55VT30 TC-P46C2 TC-P46S2 TC-P46ST30 TC-P46G25 TH-42PD25U/P TH-42PD60U TC-P46S30 TH-46PZ80U TC-P46G15 TC-P46U1 TH-42PZ85U TC-P42G10 TC-P55ST30 TC-P42S30 TH-42PA20 TH-42PA25U/P TH-42PA60 TH-42PHD6UY TH-42PH9UK TC-P42U1 TH-42PX80U TH-42PZ80U TC-P42G25 TC-P42S2 TC-P42G15 TC-P42S1 TC-L42D30 TC-L42E30 TH-42PZ700U TC-P42C1 TH-42PHD7UY TH-42PWD7UY TC-L42U25 TC-P42C2 TH-42PWD4UY TH-42PWD5 TC-42PX34 TC-L42E3 TH-42PX20U/P ~ , Brand: AVF, Color: Black, Model: AVF Wall Mount.
  • Universal Tilt / Tilting Wall Mount for LED LCD Plasma HDTV TV (VESA up to 600x400, 37 - 60 Inch Screen)

    Price: $97.99
    Compatible with: Vizio VX32L E322MV VW32L E321MV E320VA M320NV VL370M VW37L E321ME M320VT E3D320VX VOJ320M VO370M XVT373SV E320ME E320VP E322VL VO37LF E370VT VA370M VX37L E370VA E370VL M370NV E422VL M420VT VU37L E371VA M370VT E370VP L42 P42HD VOJ370F SV370XVT E371VL E421VO M421NV M3D420SR M420NV VP423 VW42LF VO420E VS42LF VX42L E3D420VX E420VL SV422XVT E421VL M420SR M3D421SR M420SV VP422 VP42 VU42LF VT420M SV420XVT XVT3D424SV XVT423SV P42ED E420VO E421VA M421VT E420VA P42HDe SV420M SV421XVT M3D460SR GV46LF VO42LF GV42LF VL420M GV42L M550SV VF551XVT E420VT E422VA GV46L P4 VF550XVT E551VA VW46LF VM60P M3D550SR E552VL P50HDM VP50 M550NV VF552XVT E551VL E550VA GV47LF VO47LF XVT3D554SV XVT553SV E550VL VF550M E3D470VX E472VL VP504FHDTV10A JV50P "Jive" P50HDTV VO400E M470NV SV472XVT VW47L VW47LF XVT3D474SV XVT473SV XVT472SV E470VA M470SV SV471XVT SV470XVT VT470M GV52LF XVT3D650SV E470VL SV470M VL470M M470VT, Philips 32PF9630A 32PFL6704D 32PFL3403D 32HF7955H/27 32PF5320/28 32PF9630A/37 32PF5320 37HF7543 32PFL5332D 32PF7320A 32PF7320A/37 32PF7321D/37 37PFL5322D 37PFL5332D 32PFL3514D 32PFL3504D 32FD9954 32HF7945D/27 42FW9975/37 42HF7543 37HF7544D/27 37PF7320A 37PF9431D 37PF9631D 42FD9954 42FW905 37PF7321D/37 37PF9630A 42FW9220/37 42FW997 42PFL7762 42PFL7782 42PF9831D 42PF9936 42PFL9752 42PFP5532D 42PF9731D 42PF9996 42PFL3704D 42PFL7312 42PFL7342 42PFL7432D 42FD9934 42FD9935 42PFL9732 42PF5321D/37 42PF7320 42PF9631D 42PFL5432 42PFL5522 42PFL5322 42PFL7962 42PFL7982 42PFL9532 42PFL5704D 42PF7321D/37 42HF7544D 42PF9630A/37 42PFL5332D 42PFL5422 42PFL9632 42PFL9742 42PFL7932 42FD9944 42FW9030 42PFL6704D 42PF9976 42PFL3522 42PF7421D 42PFL7422D 42PFL7772 42PFL7862 42PFP5332D 42PFL7704D 42PW9962 42PF7220A/37 42PF9730A/37 42PF9830A/37 42PFL7572 42PFL7662 42PFL7332D/37 42PFL9900 42PFL9900D 42PFP5332 47PFL9732D/37 47PF9441D/37 42HF7945D/27 42PF9956 42PF9966 42PFL7562 47PFL7704D 47PFL7403D 42PFL7682 BDS4621 BDS4611 47PFL7642 47PFL5432D 52PFL7422D/37 47PFL7432D 47PFL9632 47PFL5522.
    Compatible with: Sharp LC-37D90U LC-37GB5U LC-37HT4U LC-37HV6U LC-37SH20U LC-37GD6U LC-C3742U LC-M3700 LC-37D40U LC-37D43U LC-37D6U LC-37D4U LC-37D4UJ LC-37D5U LC-37D62U LC-37GD4U LC-37GD5U LC-37D7U LC-37HT3U LC-37HV4U LC-37RD2 LC-37SH12U LC-40C37U LC-42D92U LC-42HT3U LC-42HT4U LC-42D72U LC-62C42U LC-42BT10U LC-42D69U LC-42D62U LC-42SB45U LC-42D65U LC-60C42U LC-42D43U LC-42D64U LC-70LE732U LC-32D59U LC-40LE835U LC-C4067U LC-40E67U LC-40E77U LC-40LE700U LC-40LE830U PZ-43HV2U LC-46D82U LC-46D92U LC-46LE700U LC-46SB57U LC-46BD80U LC-46E77U LC-46LE832U LC-46LE835U LC-46D43U LC-46D64U LC-46SE94U LC-60C46U PN-465U LC-C46700UN LC-46D62U LC-46HT4U PN-465UP LC-46D85U LC-46LE830U LC-C4677U LC-52D62U LC-52D64U LC-52D82U LC-52D92U LC-52D93U LC-C52700UN LC-52SB57U LC-52LE830U LC-52D43U LC-52SE94U LC-60C52U PN-525U LC-52E77U LC-52D85U LC-52HT4U LC-C5262U LC-52LE700U LC-C5277U LC-52LE835U LC-47SB57UT LC-45D40U LC-45GD4U LC-45GD5U LC-40C45U LC-45GD6U LC-45GX6U LC-45GD7U PN-455 PZ-50HV2U LC-PD50U LC-60LE925UN LC-60LE632U LC-60LE835U LC-60LE831U LC-60E77UN LC-60LE832U LC-60LE830U LC-37GP1U LC-37D42U LC-37D44U LC-37D64U LC-C6077UN LC-60E88UN, LG 32LG30 32LE5300 32LD550 32LG60 32LH40 32LD400 32LK330 32LF11 32LH30 32LH20 32LE5400 32LC7D MU-42PZ94V 32LK450 32LC4D 32LV2500 32LG40 32LG70 MU-42PZ41V L3200AK RU-32LZ50C 42LE5300 MU-42PZ90V MU-42PZ90XC 42PC3DC 42SL90 42PB4D 42PJ350 DU-42PZ60 M4210C-BA MU-42PZ90C 42LH40 42LH55 42LE5500 42LC5DC 42LP1D 42LD550 42PC5D 42PM1M 42PX3DCV 42LD400 42LK520 MU-42PM11 RU-42PX10C RU-42PZ90V 42LB1DRA 42LD450 42LD520 42LBX - Opus 42LG30 42LG60 42LV3500 42PX4D 42PX5D RU-42PZ61 MU-42PM12X MU-42PZ15B 42LH90 42LB5D 42LB9D 42LE7300 42LC2D 42LC4D 42PC3DV 42PT350 RU-42PX11 42PX3DLV RU-42PZ71 RU-42PZ90 42PB4DA 42LH50 42LE5400 42LP1DC 42LV5400 42LV5500 42LW5300 42PM3MV 42PX3DBV MU-42PZ44V DU-42LZ30 M4210N-B21 42LH30 42LB4D 42LC7D 42LG50 42PC1DA 42PC3D 42PC5DC 42LK550 42LK450 DU-42PX12XC MU-42PZ90H 42SL80 42LB1DR 42LH20 42PQ30 60PV490 42LG70 42LV3700 42PW350 42PM4M.
    Compatible with: Pioneer PDP-4304 PDP-433PU PDP-4341HD PRO-910 PRO-930HD PRO-810HD PRO-920HD PDP-4310HD PDP-4312 PDP-4330HD PDP-433CMX PDP-4280XA PDP-42A3HD PRO-940HD PDP-4270HD PRO-950HD PDP-4345HD PDP-4216HD PDP-425CMX PDP-4271HD PDP-427CMX PDP-V503MX PDP-4280HD PRO-1000HD PRO-1010HD PDP-5040HD PDP-5045HD PDP-502MX PDP-4214HD PDP-505CMX PDP-50A5HD PDP-5071HD PDP-5072HD PDP-507CMX PDP-V505HD PRO-1120HD PRO-1140HD PRO-FHD1 PDK-50HW2 PDP-5000EX PDP-503CMX PDP-5016HD PDP-5070HD PDP-5030HD PDP-5050HD PDP-5060HD PDP-V501X PDP-V501MC PRO-1150HD PDP-504CMX PDP-V502MX PRO-1110HD PDP-5010FD PDP-4300 PDP-4340HD PRO-1130HD MC-505HD PDP-501MX PDP-5080HD PDP-434CMX PDP-4350HD PDP-4360HD PRO-800HD, Toshiba 47LZ196 47TL515U 42LZ196 42HL167 42HL67 P42LHA 37HL17 37HL95 42HP95 47ZV650U 47HL167 47LX196 37HL86 37HLC56 P47LSA P47LHA 37HLX95 37LX96 50HPX95 50HP81 37HLV66 37HL66 37HL67 37E200U 40G300U 40S51U 50HP82 50HP16 50HP66 50HP95 40RV52R 40E210U 40RF350U 40E200U 40XV640U 40FT1U 46UX600U 46XV648U 40XV645U 40SL412U 40UX600U 40RV525R 46RF350U 46G300U 40XV648U 46SL417U 46SL412U 46UL605U 46G310U 46WX800U 46XV640U 46RV525R 46LX177 46XV645U 52XV648U 52HL167 52LX177 57LX177 55ZV650U 46SV670U, Polaroid FLM-3725 FLM-3234B FXM-3211C LWT-32000 LWT-32000C FXX-321C FLX-374 TLX-03210B LWT-32000S LWT-37000 LWT-37000C LWT-37000S TLX-04240B FXM-3711C FLM-373B FLM-3732 FXM-3711 FLM-3734B TLA-04011C PLA-4205 4226-TLMB 4241-TLXB FLM-4201 PLA-4237 TLA-04641C FLM-4234BH PLA-4248 FLM-4701 PLA-5048 PLA-5040 FLM-3232 FLM-323B FLM-3237 4011-TLXB FLM-4034B 4641-TLXB, Haier HL40BG HL40XSLW2 HL40B HL37B HP50B HL47E HL42E HP42BB HL42BG HL42B HL52E HL46XSL2 HL37BG HL37E HL37S HL32B HL32BG HLH326BB HL32S HLC32R1, Audiovox FPE3706 FPE3707HR FPE4207HR FPE4217P FPE4216P FPE5016P FPE3207 FPE3206DV FPE3206 FPE3705, Westinghouse TX-42F430S W4207 VM-42F140S TX-42F450S LTV-46w1 HD TX-52F480S SK-42H240S SK-42H330S, Insignia NS-37L550A11 NS-L55X-10A NS-P42Q10A NS-50P650A11 NS-P502Q-10A NS-PDP50HD-09 NS-32L550A11 ~ , Brand: Arrowmounts, Model: AM-T5010B.

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