Women who love stockings

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By erhardJanuary 23, in Stockings HQ main discussion forum. I was wondering if women wear stockings to please their respective partners, or do they wear them because they like wearing them? My wife wears them as a treat for me, but would not wear them if i did not like them. I don't like tights never have done so have always worn stockings. Since I'm one of those old school stocking ladies I'd say I do both.

Growing up with curious boys I knew a young-en would rather be running his hands up and down a leg full of nylon rather than a bare leg or bobby socks. I was very fortunate to have no choice other than gartered hosiery. We gals realized the magic these whispy leg decorations did for our egos, and the labor pains they caused the pining young men.

We would not have changed that for anything!

Women who love stockings

That keeps me fired up to this day! We had no male respective partners in high school other than a "Going Steady" guy but we sure as heck knew what their desired leg wear was for us girls. The gateway to Utopia was not found at the top of a bobby sock or knee high. It was neatly hidden a few inches above a hem line and it was called then as it's called today, a stocking top.

To some it was a Charon's Boat ride to disaster across the river Styx but to most a Merry Ferry to untamed but loving waters! That's the then, now and forever of it. And if it ain't broken then it don't need fixin! I love stockings and I so much enjoy their Half Heaven and Half Heartache magic they still have over my husband. I wear stockings for me but I know for me rubs off on my man so I have and have never desired to change.

I wear stockings because I like wearing them; I wear them to work on a daily basis. I've never liked tights and wearing stockings makes me feel feminine and depending on type adds a bit of glamour; I've always worn primarily for 'me'. Not all men are appreciative of stockings though, it has to be said. My wife dislikes tights so that leaves nylons, sorry stockings. How unlucky am I. Mine also prefers stockings for everyday wear.

I dislike having to interrupt a perfectly fine topic started by Erhard but when a reply by another member, you in particular Mrs Rayboy includes a link to adult and pornographic web sites I have to do my part to keep SHQ pure. I have reported you and women who love stockings reply to the Administration of the SHQ web site. Following is my message to them. I request that this post be removed. This member has linked from our Main Forum to an adult site with nudity and other links to pornographic sites.

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Susan, you said I dislike having to interrupt a perfectly fine topic started by Erhard but when women who love stockings reply by another member, you in particular Mrs Rayboy includes a link to adult and pornographic web sites I have to do my part to keep SHQ pure. All I can say to that is " 'atta girl!! Keep it up, Susan! I am also one of those women who doesn't like tights and never has. I also wear stockings because I think they are more hygienic and reduce the likelihood of suffering from thrush. I like the look tights give legs with the continuous sheen but accept that the sweet spot at the top of my thighs when wearing stockings has appeal too.

Women who love stockings

I don't wear them because I can Good suspender belts have to be found and then ages spent trying different stocking brands to find the ones that fit. Women who wear stockings are women who will go the extra mile. Like Susan, I'm fortunate to have grown up at a time when gartered stockings were the only choice for a girl who was old enough to wear nylons. As a little girl, my friends and I looked forward to the time when we could wear "long stockings" like our Moms or older sisters.

When my day came, on my 10th birthday inI was in heaven. It is one of the most memorable rites of passage from my childhood. So I still feel special when I put on my stockings I made the switch to pantyhose in college but didn't like them so went back to stockings upon graduation. I was trying to "fit in". As a kid, it didn't take me long to notice the effect that stockings had on boys.

This was particularly true when I wore seams. But, while teasing the boys is fun, it has never been my prime reason for wearing stockings. I wear them for me, because they make me feel special, elegant and a bit unique. I've always liked to march to the tune of my own drummer, rather than follow the crowd, and I guess stockings are part of this.

I wear women who love stockings because they make me feel extra feminine and girly,even though I'm mid forties!!!.

Women who love stockings

They give you a boost on days when you're not necessarily at your best and make you feel sexy to boot!!! We've been together for years and I know that he loves me in stockings. If we were not together? I've no idea. Maybe if he found me more attractive in jeans and t-shirt then that would be what I wore more often. I am not going to pretend I don't consider what I wear and if he will like it. Some women or men actually would tell me I should wear what I like and he should love me for that.

But I love him so I want to wear something he likes and I like as well. I don't kick about doing women who love stockings housework in suspenders and stockings so its not a comfort thing. They make me feel sexier and more confident so that helps as well. Oh, and I have nothing against tights. I wear them all the time, probably more than stockings. I just don't like wearing a dress or skirt with bare legs and some dresses are too short to wear with stockings. They are things to wear to look and feel good in.

Please don't forget the 'magic' that you wearing stockings and 'for you' also rubs off on us too. In general there will be all sorts of reaosns, but for me because I couldn't get on with tights, so had to wear stockings from when I started high school, so I grew up used to wearing them during the week. I wear because I love them, I wear daily for work and have special ones for special occasions.

As others have said they make you feel feminine, sexy and good about yourself I'd have to say a bit of both as well. I started wearing them for me but the reaction I've had in the past, and the effect it has on my husband just encourages me. I have worn stockings since I was in my teens. Now I like the feeling that I have made an effort!! I wear them most days to work, sometimes it can be obvious if the skirt is too tight and the suspenders are clearly visible but I have had many compliments so I dont really care.

Women who love stockings

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