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As such, it is a living document that will always be under revision and adjustment. It is flexible, but specific enough to act as a guide in decision making and budgeting funds. It is the intention of the Pickerington Local School District Technology Committee to make recommendations with specific goals and objectives in mind. This on-going, constantly updated plan, with its associated timelines and priorities, provides guidance. PLSD asks each company that requests or is provided PII about students to agree to the terms of the following agreement.

The purpose of this agreement is to protect the students of PLSD. Accordingly, PLSD and operator hereby agree as follows:. The PII about students that is covered in this agreement includes, but is not limited to:. The operator is prohibited from using PII student data to:.

Kik sexting map

Also, the operator shall require the subcontractor or other third party to prohibit the disclosure or sharing of any PII about PLSD students with subsequent third parties, and shall require the subcontractor to implement and maintain reasonable information and data security procedures and practices. Aside from the non-disclosure of PII about PLSD students, operators will comply with the following security and deletion requirements:.

Operator may use PII about PLSD students for the following purposes, as long as all aggregated or anonymized data must be adequately de-identified :. You may also kik sexting map the Student Privacy Pledge online. Pickerington Schools is now offering a limited of free wireless hotspot devices to students who have limited or no internet access at home.

EveryConnected is a program sponsored by Pickerington Schools. Mobile hotspots allow free access to the internet. The devices are helpful when students know they will be working on a big asment over a weekend or for a few days when Wi-Fi is required for completion. Multiple students can on to a single hotspot, so students are asked to coordinate use for group projects.

Both the device and monthly service fees are fully paid by the district and through a grant. The program is intended to help district students access online resources at home to help bridge the digital divide and ensure educational equity. To ensure peace of mind for parents, these devices use internet content filtering and browsing history is recorded. Only one device may be borrowed per household, but these devices can be ed out repeatedly throughout the year, based on availability. For students to participate in this program, parents kik sexting map complete this form.

By ing this form, the parent agrees to assume all responsibility for equipment checked out to the student. This program is open to Pickerington School students who are fully enrolled in one of the 15 district buildings.

Kik sexting map

The district reserves the right to loan devices to any student who shows a need. Borrowing a hotspot is free.

Kik sexting map

There are no fees for the device or the service. Here is our public portal displaying all of the digital content, programs, and applications available to students. Pickerington Schools is proud to say that we are the second-largest school district in the state of Ohio kik sexting map go completely One2One with our all of our students. That means that each student will be loaned a device iPad or Chromebook for the school year. Students in grade will be able to take the device home with them from the start of the school year to the last couple weeks of the school year.

With going One-to-One, there are a few procedures that parents need to be aware of. It is an exciting time in Pickerington Schools as we continue our journey to utilize blended learning with our students, giving students access to communication, resources, and learning tools like never before. Our adoption of One2One devices will allow students to access new online and digital content created by our talented staff, in addition to content provided by textbook companies and software vendors.

Pickerington students will be able to communicate and collaborate in a digital environment that was not available to the world just a years ago.

Kik sexting map

Tools like a Chromebook or iPad will allow them access to software that will encourage their artistic abilities, improve their reading and writing, kik sexting map push them to think critically as they spark new interests and insights into their journey of being a lifelong learner. Pickerington educators are dedicated to continuing to offer rigorous and engaging learning opportunities for studen ts.

PLSD retains the sole right of ownership and possession of the device. The device is ased to the student for educational purposes only for the academic year. If students leave their device at home, they are responsible for getting the coursework completed as if they had their device present. A loaner device will not be provided. Students are responsible for the appropriateness of all files, data, and internet history on their device. Although these devices will be logged and filtered on and off campus, it is still the responsibility of the student to use good judgment when accessing or transmitting data.

Kik sexting map

Do not take photos or video of other students or staff without their permission. The possessing, forwarding or ing of unauthorized data, photos, audio or video to any website, network storage area, or person is strictly forbidden. Therefore, we have set the following charges in place, which are subject to change. Pickerington School s has created the Technology Protection Plan. Kik sexting map the section below for more specific details about the Technology Protection Plan.

If you do not select the Technology Protection Plan, you will be responsible for paying for the needed equipment, repair or replacement of the device. You will be issued one charger with your device. The Technology Protection Plan does not cover the charger if the charger is lost or damaged.

In cases of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police report must be filed by the student or parent as soon as possible within 48 hours after the theft or vandalism is discovered. The police report must be presented to the building principal and a technology help desk ticket must be entered at the Medica Center. There is geo-location software that can be activated by the technology department once the principal is notified.

If it cannot be fixed at that time, a loaner device may be issued to you, if available.

Kik sexting map

All device policy agreements and technology protection plan will remain in effect for the loaner device. The sound must be muted at all times, unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. Student devices will be labeled in the manner specified by the district. Devices can be identified based on the serial. Do not remove or cover any identifying labels or markings.

Students are permitted to place school appropriate stickers on the top of their Chromebooks only. Stickers cannot cover the PLSD logo or the asset tag. Stickers are not permitted on the sides or bottom of the Chromebook. Students are permitted to install school appropriate personal apps on their devices.

If storage on the device becomes an issue, all school required applications have a priority over student downlo and may require the student to uninstall personal apps. Devices must be returned to the building media center during the final weeks of the school year by the date announced each spring or prior to withdrawal from Pickerington Schools. Any student who withdraws, terminates enrollment, or is expelled, must return their device and accessories immediately. Any device not returned or immediately paid for in full will be considered stolen property and law enforcement will be notified.

The device is the property of Pickerington Local Schools and all users will follow these rules and the Acceptable Use Policy. Students are responsible at all times for the care of the device to which they are ased. When transporting the device between classes or outside the building, you are required to close the lid. Never walk with the device open. Students are required to take their devices home every day after school, regardless of whether or not they are needed.

Students will be required to maintain an updated password on their device. Students may never share, distribute, or otherwise allow other students access to their password. At any time, a parent, teacher, or school administrator may request and obtain the password and access to the device.

With a comfortable, full-sized keyboard, large display and clickable trackpad, all-day battery life, lightweight and built-in ability to connect to Wi-Fi kik sexting map mobile broadband networks, the Chromebooks are ideal for any time, anywhere access to the web.

What kind of software does a Chromebook run? You can access web apps by typing their URL into the address bar or by installing them instantly kik sexting map the Chrome Web Store. How are these web-based applications managed? Each Chromebook we provide to students will be a managed device. Can the Chromebook be used anywhere at any time? Yes, as long as you have a WIFI al to access the web. The district Chromebooks will not have 3G broadband or a cellular al. Is there antivirus software included with the Chromebooks? At this time, there is not as all of the data is stored in the cloud, there is kik sexting map need for antivirus software.

They do, however, come with web filtering. How long will the Chromebook run on a fully charged battery? Chromebooks have a rated battery life of hours. However, we do expect that students charge them each evening to ensure maximum performance during the school day without interruption of use. This plan is available for all students grades K for the school year. Coverage is 24 hours per day.

Lost devices will not be covered by the technology protection plan. The Technology Protection Plan will cover damage and repairs for loaner devices but will count towards the total allowed for the TPP. Coverage is effective from the date this technology protection plan is purchased through Infinite Campus.

Kik sexting map

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