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The Patiently Impatient Generation 1. There is nothing more dramatic than witnessing someone die; I know the feeling of watching someone take their last breath right before your eyes. Because I was there when my brother in law began to patinetlyimpatient ificant head pains unexpectedly; my sister and I carried him to the hospital and watched him on the stretcher curling up in pain, his eyes rolling up and down while holding his head because no bed was available.

I was right there after 10 minutes of agony when the doctor finally came in and said that he is in and out of consciousness and they need to stabilize him, only to be told after 15 minutes later that Pete died. That experience changed my life, I never experienced that type of emotion before but what that whole situation taught me was you have to enjoy whatever life throws at you and use it as motivation to help people who are in similar situations.

I now place patinetlyimpatient value on the things people take for granted, like, I love going to the Savannah to feel the strong wind on my face and watching the mountains in the distance or sitting under a tree and listening to the birds chirping or watching my son and daughter ride their bikes and enjoying life.

These things become very valuable experiences. I have also learned to slow down a bit and help people, especially young people to understand patinetlyimpatient if you want something out of life it cannot happen in an instant, generally, it takes time.

One of the surprising things I am learning about this generation is the pace they want to achieve everything. They want everything now, instant gratification. It must be now, fast food, faster loading time, faster cars, fast diet everything must be now, but life does not work like that.

In certain instances, 2. I was very impatience. I found myself thinking subconsciously why patinetlyimpatient this taking so long to load or why is this person driving so slow in front of me or why is this service so slow. Sometimes I have to constantly remain myself have more patience Gifford, but this generation, wow.

I am now trying to teach my son this because, he is growing up with the same tendencies, not my daughter, she takes after her mother but my son, oh boy. Daddy you are taking to long with our dinner, daddy this video is taking too long to open. I tell you this little boy drives me up a wall sometimes, and in many instances, I have to tell him, son everything cannot happen in an instant all the time you have to wait and excised some patience.

But usually, when I say something like that to him, I have to immediately check my surroundings because of my wife, with her special gift for sound, somehow hears everything. Impatience has become a patinetlyimpatient trait for this generation and it also manifests itself in our career and self-development as well.

The rule states that if you want to develop mastery of anything you must patinetlyimpatient in at least hours of work. Now I am not going to complicate this by including that all hours are not made equal debate or who is a genius. On the low, this is a term I got from my son, on the low let's keep it simple. These days simple have become the new complexity.

The rule simply suggests that you have to put in the work if you want to develop any type of success in your given area of interest. It requires work patinetlyimpatient develop 3. I can always remember the first business I started. I was very excited and talked about it all the time.

I wanted to work for myself.


So I opened a mini mart, selling basic food items, snacks, various drinks, etc. But what I soon realized is that life of an entrepreneur is not a Hollywood movie where you become a millionaire in two of three hours. You have to put in the work to patinetlyimpatient your business going so after 1 year I lost interest. I had enough and the business was closed, in my mind, the business was not moving fast enough and generating the income I thought it would. I did not envision the work involved as patinetlyimpatient business owner, especially for a startup, you have to be chief cook and bottle washer.

I was totally unprepared for life as an entrepreneur because in that very said area there were 4 small businesses just like mine selling the same products I was selling.


I had no clue how to run a business, but I got caught up with the craze of wanting to open my business. The ambition was good, but I needed time to understand the world of business, get some experience under my belt, find a mentor to guide me to prepare my mind for business. It takes time for any new business to find it legs and you must have the temerity to fight through the struggles and pains of entrepreneurship.

Consider the following examples: Twitter As with every web startup, Twitter had its early hiccups. In the early years of Twitter, no one used it. Patinetlyimpatient was a failure in the eyes of many people, but Patinetlyimpatient Dorsey and his co-founded kept at it.

Throughout and users came to expect the occasional arrival of the Fail Whale.


There 4. However, they eventually got it right and today Twitter is a huge success. Steve Jobs Steve Jobs said you need a lot of passion for what you're doing because it's so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up. If you don't love it, you're going to fail. When Jobs was ousted as the CEO of the company he co-founded it took Jobs 10 years of struggling to hit the jackpot once again with Pixar, his success with Next and his eventual return to Apple patinetlyimpatient the rest is history.

Jack Ma For the first three years, Alibaba did not make any make profit, zero, nothing. What did Jack Ma and his team did, they continued to work and work and work and work until the company became sustainable.

Now Alibaba is one of the most valuable companies in the world, they did not give up. Steve Harvey lived in his car for two years, washing up behind gas stations and bushes to follow his dream of becoming a comedian. Tyler Perry was homeless and chase after his dream of putting on a show for 7 years before he became successful. There are many, many, many more stories of people and companies who stayed true to their calling, patinetlyimpatient believed, worked hard and eventually achieve mastery in their domain.

When you passionately believe in something especially if you trying something new, expect to suck at the start, expect to fail, expect to feel uncomfortable, expect to be disappointed and expect abandonment. Expect everything to go wrong but if you are patience enough, continue to work and have the faith that one day will be your day; I promise you, it patinetlyimpatient and you will eventually become successful.

In many instances, it may take up to 10 years or it may take shorter but it will take some work in trenches to develop mastery. I am always available to help anyone in need and If you find yourself not motivated or you need some advice to help with the development your business further, you can at giffordthomas1 gmail.

You can be happy; you can enjoy your life, and enjoy your work. All you need is to understand you and the unique gifts you were patinetlyimpatient with.


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