Naughty school girl ideas

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Naughty school girl ideas

While some people might look back on their days of wearing a uniform at a private school and shudder, we have to say that the school girl costume makes a great classic. There are so many great characters that wear school girl costumes out there!

Naughty school girl ideas

From sassy teens like Cher from Clueless to the sweet and powerful Matilda, there's always a reason to break out the plaid on Halloween and at themed parties! Speaking of Matilda, let's talk kids' school girl costume. The classic look has morphed through the years but is instantly recognizable. For instance, our Made By Us child school girl costume features a long plaid jumper with pleats on the front. You can layer your kid's own collared shirt underneath, making it great for dressing up in any weather. Slip your kiddo's hair into pigtails or braids and your child will be able to dress up as a variety of characters from movies and even their favorite books.

Kids that have a school girl costume will find that they have a great costume wardrobe staple! This means your kid's school girl costume could become a Read Across America costume! Do you have a tween in the house? Build the perfect Frankie Stein costume from Monster High with a classic uniform and top it off with tough accessories.

Of course, everyone knows that the sexy schoolgirl costume for adults is the real classic! We have plenty of costume styles that flaunt midriff just as she Britney rocked it back in the day. Those who want to dress up in schoolgirl costumes can channel Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl, a character from Vampire's Academy, and let's not forget the endless list of Anime characters such as the Sailor Moon scouts. A naughty school girl ideas take on the schoolgirl costume has a dark side. Like many other classics, the schoolgirl costume has been zombified!

We have sizes for a range of ages, for instance, the classic pleated plaid skirt and buttoned-up white shirt is tattered and spattered in blood. Add blood-spattered stockings and plenty of scars and dark makeup. Whether you're dressing up as a zombie or a fully-alive sexy schoolgirl, accessorizing is key. Customize your schoolgirl costume to your liking.

Choose from the classic pigtails or Britney Spears fame to an innocent headband and curly locks. The short, pleated skirt naughty school girl ideas for great stockings as well! From sweet white stockings to fishnets and even wet-look faux leather leggings, you can perfect your look for all sorts of costumed events! Whether you want to dress up as one of your favorite prep school characters or you're planning a sexy schoolgirl costume that's straight out of your fantasies, we've got the different types of schoolgirl costumes and all the accessories you can ask for on this. The bell is about to ring and class is going to start at any minute.

With all your tests, quizzes, homework, and friend drama, the last thing we want you to stress over is your wardrobe. Educate yourself in a lesson on sexy school girl costume ideas and check out all of these costumes which feature classic button-ups, daring hemlines, and cute cardigans.

We urge you to break them in order to look fabulous. Now pick out the school girl costume that makes you feel like a smarty-pants then turn the school hallways into your personal runway! The ruffle-trimmed jacket adds some coverage to the ensemble so you can cover up if you get chilly while taking the quantum naughty school girl ideas exam. This could also double as a sexy teacher costume; just add a pair of black frame glasses to look like an authority on your favorite subject! Now you can have a school look that even the nuns will admire! Show everyone that wearing a knee-length jumper looks stylish.

Adding a pair of black Mary Jane shoes will complete the ensemble while teaching your fellow peers this very important lesson: catholic school uniforms are surprisingly fashionable! If you want to leave the entire class in awe of your cuteness, then you better consider dressing in this Japanese school girl uniform costume. This exclusive costume comes with the blue plaid skirt, logo-embossed blazer, and shiny red bow tie. This is also perfect to wear for an anime school girl costume! Add a pair of argyle socks to complete this sassy and sophisticated ensemble.

Check out our selection of school girl costumes for plus size ladies before you crack open a history book and start studying. Were you the type of student who got busted for daydreaming or were you feverously taking notes the entire class period?

Now you can relive your high school days by slipping into this plus size school girl costume. Sporting a sexy school girl costume as much as possible is a great way to be given that superlative. Be proud of your love for graphic novels and your absolute disgust for P. Not only did you finish your six essay early, but you also managed to get the extra credit right! This girl nerd costume comes with a high-waist dress with attached red suspenders.

This costume puts other naughty school girl costume ideas to shame! The bow choker and the included taped glasses help to send the message that you rather be home studying than gossiping! If you want to look like the girl who knows all the elements on the periodic table and also how to rock a unique pair of horn-rimmed glasses, then this nerdy school girl costume is for you. The dress features a hot pink pleated skirt and an attached necktie.

If we know anything about nerds, we are certainly aware that they love to finagle their own inventions.

Naughty school girl ideas

Pick out the costume that will transform you into the creepiest ghoul in class! The jacket with attached shirt has a tattered hemline and sleeves. Just add a pair of bloody thigh stockings to complete the look! Just ask this zombie high school student. She stayed up late studying for physics and trigonometry exams so her head exploded. This dead school girl costume will make you look both scary and studious because the catholic school uniform is speckled with blood splatter. Add a knife accessory and some bloody high heels to create a killer look!

This scary zombie costume features a grotesque bloody rib and lots of dried blood stains. This zombie prom queen costume comes with a long blue dress drenched in blood as well as a tiara with an attached hatchet. If you want your naughty school girl Halloween costume to succeed then you are going to need some key accessories. Luckily, you can find everything from bow ties to bobby socks right here. Browse our school girl costume accessories so your final look will make the grade!

Mary Jane shoes and plaid prints always make for a winning combination! These Mary Jane heels have a sleek black patent leather finish and a classy one-inch platform heel. Turn an average school girl costume into a super sexy school girl costume by picking up a pair of thigh high naughty school girl ideas. White nylons that extend up to the mid-thigh will elongate your legs, plus they look cute with any school girl uniform costume!

Go ahead and get crafty! Create your own school girl costume with the help of this pleated plaid skirt. Get a white button-up shirt and tie it up to expose your midriff area. Congratulations, you did it! You just received your diploma so go ahead and take off your grad cap and give it a toss into the air.

Naughty school girl ideas

This graduation cap will give your school girl costume the celebratory touch it needs! Accessories Apparel Collectibles. COM US. CA CA. UK UK. AU AU. MX MX. EU EU. The biggest selection of costumes in the world! School Girl Costumes. Filter School Girl Costumes by:. Adult Costumes. Kids Costumes. Hit the schoolyard with classic school girl costumes! With plenty of plaids and pleats, we've got styles that are sure to get you ahead of the class.

But don't graduate just yet, we've got a school girl outfit for kids, teens, and adults! Looking for something that's gonna get you detention? Try a sexy school girl costume. Made By Us Exclusive. School Girl Costume Ideas The bell is about to ring and class is going to start at any minute.

Naughty school girl ideas

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