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Kamihime project forum

Philosophical musings, argumentative squabbles, and fictional works. Also occasional rants about VN localization. March 3, September 3, June 4, April 19, August 30, August 5, October 20, June 3, July 26, October 17, September 15, February 24, May 22, July 30, May 9, August 14, July 7, October 13, July 20, March 15, May 19, March September 13, Existing user?

Sanahtlig's Corner A blog by sanahtlig in General. Followers 3. Nonconsensual scenes censored in Nutaku's Kamihime Project R Nutaku has been caught censoring dialogues implying non-consensual sex in free-to-play ero-RPG Kamihime Project R, reneging on earlier promises. Rape scenes censored in Nutaku's Kamihime Project R. MangaGamer's "lesbian sex game" Kindred Spirits goes viral MangaGamer's Kindred Spirits by Liar-soft goes viral amidst excitement over a "lesbian sex game" being released on Steam uncut.

MangaGamer's "lesbian sex game" Kindred Spirits goes viral. MangaGamer commits to free uncensor patches for Steam releases MangaGamer will release free uncensor patches for future Steam releases of eroge, following the lead of MiKandi JP and English indie developers. I found the concept of defeat NTR intriguing, so I gave the game a spin. It starts off with a cliched love story between a knight commander the protagonis. I cut through the smoke and mirrors with highlights and kamihime project forum analysis.

Kagura Games commits to uncensored releases after fan backlash. Kagura Douchuuki, censorship, and apathy towards the English market I wrote this response to a thoughtful commenter on Reddit. I would not support a non-adult only English release of Kagura Douchuuki, with a purchase or otherwise.

Kamihime project forum

I would also encourage other eroge fans not to support whitewashing of titles where sexual content was an integral part of the original concept i. Just because a story can be told without sex doesn't mean it should. Just because it's kamihime project forum to promote a game without sexual con. Introducing Disqus for Comments on sanahtlig. Disqus allows you to manage comments across multiple websites, much as forum users can track responses across multiple thre on a forum.

It even gives you notifications when you're browsing comments on one site that you have replies on another site. I think it's pretty neat. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I'm hoping that implementing a system like this will kamihime project forum more people to comment on my articles and generate discus. Illusion reaches out to English fans with Steam trial of VR Kanojo Rapelay developer Illusion boldly promotes its upcoming virtual reality sex simulator VR Kanojo with a Steam Greenlight for the non-adult trial version. The only problem is that the porn has to be patched in and--this being Steam--many users never learned how to patch games manually.

How to uncensor the Steam version of Sakura Swim Club. Eroge with a censored official English release, a comprehensive list An ongoing project to document eroge with various types of censorship in an easily browsable and sortable spreheet Eroge with a censored official English release, a comprehensive list Community contributions, feedback, and corrections are appreciated. I did this just to show that I could. After the recent controversy with the Monobeno project which I discussed in my last post Regarding demands for fan translation project quality standardsI became curious whether others would consider my work "up to snuff".

I've always assumed that unless a translation was near professional quality it would not be welcom. Crowdfunding visual novel localization: The perspective of an eroge enthusiast Crowdfunding visual novel localization: The perspective of an eroge enthusiast. Cross Days: A trainwreck as enthralling as it is infuriating Makoto Itou is often vilified as the worst VN protagonist ever. These people clearly haven't played Cross Days. Yuuki is childhood friends with Hikari Kuroda and a member of the library club, and his older sister Chie belongs to the basketball club.

Good-natured but indecisive, he often puts the needs of others be. ChuableSoft reaches out to English VN fans. Baldr Sky: Rallying for an uncut version of a landmark eroge. Ask sanahtlig: Answers to Common Issues and Concerns in the VN community I see many frequently encountered issues in the visual novel community. I've taken some time to address them, with a focus on pragmatic solutions rather than long-winded explanations. The sorts of VNs you're looking for are almost certainly there.

Kamihime project forum

Time to learn Japanese. Announcement: Migration to sanahtlig. Some explanation is in order. I was extremely displeased by the shift in policy that banned lolicon non-explicit images and discussion from the forums, together kamihime project forum what I saw as the suppression of dissent that followed.

I saw this as a serious threat to the free exchange of ideas at Fuwanovel, a repudiation of my long-standing crusade to fight moral fanaticism against loli content, and also as an indication that Fuw. I was also formerly active at NIS America. I've been actively following VN localization for over 10 years, so I've become familiar with business aspects of the marke.

A commentary on American exceptionalism I'm from the US. We have a strong tradition of freedom here ified in the words of the US Declaration of Independence: All men and only men, but not African men are created equal. We have a right to Life except if drafted into the armyLiberty except when others disagree with youand the pursuit of Happiness except if you're a repressed minority. In addition, we enjoy unparalleled freedom of expression and as a culture we're strongly opposed to censorship in all its forms.

Kamihime project forum

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Kamihime project forum

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