I want to be a foot slave

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I want to be a foot slave

The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 5 posts. Vivid Man. How I Became a Foot Slave to Marisa A little background prior to how it all began: Back in junior year of high school, I was pretty much the ultimate nerd.

However, in gym class I finally made a couple female acquaintances, once of which was a tall white girl named Marisa. Over time, apparently she took a liking to my silly and random personality, and she ended up asking me out to a movie which completely shocked me.

Fast forward about 6 months later in the school year. It was about may and it was somewhat common for girls on the school grounds to be wearing flip flops. To be brief: I like long feet I especially like long toeslight skinned, nailed polished, clean feet. So, I would occasionally see a pair of feet I liked, but with how introverted I was there was no way I was ever going to reveal my love for them. I never saw anything spectacular until one day I came in view of Marisa again.

I actually forgot about her for the most part. After she spoke with the person at the front desk, she left the library. Eventually, the school year came to a close. All I wanted was to worship her feet for hours on end, and became depressed as this was never going to happen.

After summer break, senior year rolled around, me and her had little contact. But once again, once i want to be a foot slave later months arrived and it started getting hotter, I once again was reminded of her perfect, glorious feet. I accepted my fate though, senior year ended, and I moved on. My first year of college ended not too long ago, including my summer classes. I am at a loss of what to do and my fetish for feet is now insanely interruptive.

I had never told anyone about my fetish, until one day I broke down and had to tell someone. I decided I would tell an old friend from high school: Alexandria. Now, make no mistake, me and her have always just been friends, this has been established and I had no sexual desire towards her what so ever. All I told her was I wanted to talk about things and open up about certain things. Knowing how closed up I was in high school she agreed to meet me and said she was quite curious as to what this was going to be about.

After much hesitation I told her of my foot fetish, even going as far as to my desire to be a foot slave. I want to be a foot slave, while she did think it was strange, she was thankful that I was open to her. She told me to calm down and asked if she ever knew the person, I replied saying yes. Okay… now how did you guess that? How could you possibly do that? Yes, you guessed it. I recieved a friend request from Marisa just three hours ago. It literally took approximately one hour before I got the guts to click the accept button, I then saw her profile to the right on the screen, she was online.

The fact that she was actively online at that moment made me incredibly nervous, scared, happy… basically, I was emotionally unstable at that moment. About ten minutes passed, and after a lot of pep talk to myself, I began moving my cursor to her profile to send a message. Before I could click her profile, much like a situation in a movie I then recieved a message from her first.

Message 3: I know all about your fantasy of being my foot slave, Alex told me everything. Message 4: So, let me start by telling you that I had an experience with a short-term boyfriend a few months ago. Alex knew I had this experience which is probably why she knew she could… persuade me. Message 5: Basically, I had a boyfriend who had a foot fetish much like yourself, I was reluctant at first but eventually obliged and allowed him to worship my feet.

I absolutely loved it… every second of it, he quickly went from boyfriend to being my foot slave as I discovered that I ADORED having a foot slave rather than a boyfriend. Message 6: My arrangement with him was short-lived though, as he eventually wanted to start doing other things aside from just worshipping my feet.

Things like footjobs… things involving other body parts… I wanted no part of that. So if you want to suck my toes, lick my soles, kiss my feet, and worship them for hours upon hours… if you… want to become my foot slave… that can very well happen. Just know that you would be a foot slave, and the extent of that is mouth to foot and nothing else.

I want to be a foot slave

What do you say? Now, anyone in my position would bang their head against a wall because of thinking everything happening is a dream. I suddenly summoned all the courage I had and typed up a reply. Please Marisa, accept me as your foot slave. We very well could have a deal here. My parents are gone on mondays-thursdays. They both work from 10 am to at least 6 pm, since today is Sunday, we can try this whole ordeal tomorrow if you want.

My Message: I will oblige to anything you say, goddess. Message from her: lol good boy!

I want to be a foot slave

Regardless, I was very jumpy that day and was questioned by my parents as to why, I made up a story about how I was going to meet an old friend, and asked if I could go to her house tomorrow. My parents are pretty lenient, so they said I could.

I want to be a foot slave

I decided I was getting ahead of myself and simply awaited for the following day. Nighttime arrived, I set my alarm for 9 am just to give myself plenty of preparation time, and went to sleep. When I woke up, I performed my daily tasks, made sure I was dressed well, and waited. Regardless, I immediately ran to my car, jumped in, and drove as fast as I want to be a foot slave legally could to her house.

Once I arrived, I parked near the crib of her house, and looked up. I took a deep breath, got out of my car with a full bouquet of roses that I bought the night and went to her door. After a year and a half or so of not seeing Marisa, the door opened after about 10 seconds, and there she was. I neglected to mention how she herself was insanely beautiful as well.

But even still, it was very difficult for me to not immediately look down to see if she had her feet exposed. She then walked back in her house with the roses in hand and invited me in, this was when I had a window of opportunity to look at her feet. She was wearing socks, probably on purpose so I would be even more anxious just to see her perfect feet. The rest of her outfit was normal, she was wearing black sweats along with a simple grey shirt that had a cat on it. As I was following her, I noticed the house was very expansive, with large rooms, along with two giant flippin columns that held up a portion of the upstairs, and even a giant gold colored or maybe even real gold mirror.

I was impressed, of course, but figured it would be impolite to ask what her parents did for a living. We eventually made it to the living room which was in front of the kitchen. She went over and sat on a red couch of what I assumed was covered with an expensive cloth, and she instructed me to sit on the couch to the opposite of it, which was an identical couch. After about 30 minutes of discussing various subjects, we found ourselves at a loss of what to talk about.

I was reminded why I took to her as a friend back in high school, she was very kind and easy to discuss anything with. But, that was not to be the reality any more. Will you serve my feet whenever I desire regardless of what you are doing, will you treat me as your goddess, mistress, and master?

I want to be a foot slave

Now, please get on your knees in front of me and remove my socks. I got down on my knees as instructed, hobbled over to where her legs were dangling in front of me, and removed her first sock from her right foot. Once I did so, I was reminded at just how blessed I had become. The most perfect foot, with long, loooong white toes with red nail-polish, a pleasant scent wafted from them, they were exquisitely clean and well kept, her foot size was likely larger than mine as it seemed it was size 13 or so even though she was slightly shorter than my at about 6 feet tall.

I want to be a foot slave

I could barely contain myself after removing the first sock, but I kept my composure and removed the sock on her left foot, which of course was also perfect in every way imaginable. After doing this, I put the socks to the side and looked up at my goddess: Marisa.

I started with her right foot, and began kissing away. I started at the upper area of the foot near the leg and then gradually got to her toes, I was kissing so thoroughly that it took about three minutes just for me to finish kissing the top of that foot.

It was EXTREMELY difficult to not start sucking her toes when I was kissing them, I then gently raised her foot up, which I glanced upwards to which she gave a me a nod, and started kissing her right sole dozens upon dozens of times.

I want to be a foot slave

After what seemed like 8 minutes of kissing her right foot alone, she then told me to do the same thing to her left foot. I did exactly as instructed, and kissed every inch of her left foot, the top, her toes, the sole, the heel, every single inch. After another 8 minutes or so passed. Once again, I started with her right foot, licking her sole rapidly and thoroughly.

Once this was done, I was instructed to suck on her heel, and she shoved her right heel into my mouth. I neglected to mention that I had a… well… you know… a giant boner the entire time. But I rather focus on her than anything going on to me. Just in case you were wondering, any doubts I had are ten thousand percent gone, you are my foot slave. Now move on to my left heel, slave. I sucked her big toe for what seemed like a century, constantly sucking at full force, moving my head back and forth for the ultimate pleasure.

I want to be a foot slave

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